TruVision Health has Revolutionized the Weight Loss Industry with the truControl Combo!

At TruVision Health Weight Loss the Bar has definitely Been Set with the introduction of the Incredible truControl Combo!

The Blue and Orange capsules were designed to work together. TruFix release’s fat, letting go of cellulite and toxins while the truControl helps with  providing amazing appetite control and sustained energy and mental clarity. So, if you’re looking for LONG LASTING RESULTS... Then you MUST take them together and take them consistently for it to work properly! This plant-based weight loss product is the most safe affordable and effective product on the market today. TruFix “the blue pill”, balances the blood chemistry… If your BMI is too high or too low your body is struggling! Your body is balanced through your blood chemistry, so what that means is a “Weight Management” system, it balances the body to a healthy and balanced BMI. TruFix was designed to assist in cleansing the liver, lowering cholesterol and balancing blood sugar. All of these things go hand in hand with cleansing the body, losing weight and increasing energy. The TruVision Weight Loss Combo is NOT A diet pill! It is a supplement… one that balances your body. Your blood is responsible for feeding your organs and if your organs are not getting the nutrients that they need through the blood your organs will literally start pulling from other parts of the body trying to compensate for what they’re not getting through the blood and this creates a negative spiral effect on your entire system making it virtually impossible to lose the weight and keep it off! The goal is to give your blood the nutrients that it needs so that in turn your organs get what they need through the blood so they can function properly without any strain on them. By doing this the body will be in a more relaxed state and will be able to function the way it was intended to. Healthy organs equal a happy body! 

It’s not likely that you will balance your body over night,  you did not get unhealthy/overweight overnight and it may take more time for some than others as our bodies are all different. It can in some instances take one to two years to completely balance the blood chemistry. When you commit to losing weight and getting healthy the  TruVision weight Loss combo, when taken consistently will make that process much easier, consider it your new Willpower in Pill!

The TruVision Combo is NOT a Thermogenic!

When taking traditional “diet products” that are thermogenic, You are forcing your body to lose weight. This does not last and you typically gain back all of the weight you lost if not more as soon as you stop taking the product. TruVision is not a thermogenic product so you do not have to worry about that with the truControl  Combo!

The combo works WITH your body, you see when you force the body to lose weight you also lose muscle mass and organ tissue can be depleted as well… this is VERY unhealthy!! Low-carb and low calorie diets can have this effect also. When taking the truControl and truFix together it will in sure that you retain your lean muscle tissue and deplete only the visceral fat a.k.a.… the bad fat. You will also notice less weight loss in the breast tissue. This is because the truFix dissolves the visceral fat and breast tissue is subcutaneous fat so it remains. Because of the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, when your blood is getting the nutrients that it needs it will in turn fuel your muscle with nutrients. This is why many see inches coming off even when the weight remains the same, again” The Combo” is not a diet pill, this is not a thermogenic product, so if you are looking for a quick weight loss fix, this is NOT it! If you are looking for Permanent Long-term results, you’ve come to the right place and we recommend getting yourself started today!

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  • Clear Focus
  • Accelerated Energy
  • Revived Metabolism

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules with one truFIX twice a day. Take before breakfast in the morning and again in the early afternoon.

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  • Natural Plant Extracts
  • Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol
  • Maintains Liver Function

Suggested Use: Take one capsule with 1-2 truWEIGHT & ENERGY Gen2 capsules twice a day. Take before breakfast in the morning and again in the early afternoon.

Supplement Facts


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