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TruVision Focus on Food

It may seem like we’re spending a lot of time on the subject of food. It’s because we are. Food seems to be the most misunderstood and most important aspect of our lives when we should be more focused on giving our bodies the nutrients that it needs such as the incredible TruVision Combo featuring the all New TruControl but we will get into that in a minute! Obviously, we need to eat to survive. But what to eat? And how Much? And when?

Food affects how your organ systems run. It affects your sleep. It affects your hair. It affects your immune system. It affects your circulatory system, your brain, your heart, your kidneys, and every cell in your body. It literally reaches every aspect of us as Humans. It is a social thing. An emotional thing. A celebratory thing. A depression thing. A party thing. An isolation thing. It is on nearly every street corner, in every home, and all over in media every day. It’s on freeway signs as we drive, and on the radio as we listen to music. It is a competition. An entire Pinterest Community, TV shows, TV Channels, TV Networks! It is used for control, both in over-consumption and under-consumption. Food has built and broken entire civilizations. How food affects us is literally in our DNA. It can be a spiritual thing, a political thing, and a thing of life or death.

No wonder it can be so overwhelming!

So let’s take the scary out of it. Food is fuel. That’s it. It’s that simple. Let’s say you have something to eat in your hand, and your brain does a quick scan of its ingredients. What does this food contain that will help or harm the engine that YOU ARE each day? We know how detrimental it is to pour sugar into the gas tank of a car. It is literally the same thing with OUR engines. The only difference is that a car won’t make it too far, or even start with an engine full of sugar. Our bodies will still run, but over time, the engine breaks down and the repairs are costly…even at the cost of life and weight loss becomes virtually impossible!  Luckily, we have supplements like TruFix that help regulate blood chemistry when we don’t do the best job of regulating it ourselves. And TruControl most definitely assists with cravings and overeating. But we cannot rely solely on supplements. They are in fact, supplements by definition: something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Where we drop the ball with food, TruVision products can most certainly help pick up the slack!


At the highest level, in the most general sense, the fewer ingredients a food item has, the better. The closer food is to its original source, the better. A carrot or tomato right out of the garden is a thing of beauty, bursting with flavor. Potatoes are a bit boring until you boil or bake them. But add some butter and chives, salt and pepper, and you have comfort food at its finest. An apple or peach off the tree is pure Fresh herbs from an herb garden can completely take a recipe to the next level. You get a general idea. Last week when we talked about shopping the perimeter of a grocery store, it’s because the food closest to its original source exists in those areas!
Imagine walking down the aisles of a grocery store. Pull something off the shelf and look at the ingredient panel in your mind. There are often more than 10 ingredients listed, most not pronounceable. Often the list is more like 20 or 30 items long, and much of it is not “Food.” there isn't any food memeAgain, in a general sense, the body knows what to do with a carrot or a tomato. Your body knows how to process it, how to break down the vitamins and minerals and use them. A body knows less what to do with Azodicarbonamide. When food “manufacturers” (even that sounds somewhat unnatural) process food so that it is shelf-stable, much of the nutrients, texture, and flavor are lost. So they must add back in nutrients, texture, and flavor to make the food palatable. Suddenly, you’re no longer eating food, but “food product.” Velveeta can’t even use the word Cheese. They must use the term, Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have some good old’ fashioned Medium Cheddar.

This food journey will be a very personal one. It would very easy if we were all given a set of menus that would guide us through our whole lives. There are many things to take into consideration, right down to your own proximity to grocery stores in your town, how often you shop, and what food is even available to you in your community. So many of the food recommendations we discuss will be guidelines. At that point, it will be up to you to determine how you will proceed on the path to wellness.

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