c1Jonathan Brister: “Nope it didn’t happen overnight but IT DID HAPPEN!! TruVision gave me my health back AND I’ve kept the weight off almost a year now !! The lesson to learn here is DON’T GIVE UP!!”

c2Belincia Morris: I am a living testimony to how hard is to struggle with weight gain. Over the years I have experienced the high of losing weight and then the disappointing low of gaining it all back…And then some!! However, I will tell you that Truvison products are working for me like no other product or diet I have ever tried. It has been so easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. All you have to do is take 2 pills, twice daily. That’s It!! I started seeing and feeling results almost IMMEDIATELY!! My energy level skyrocketed, my appetite decreased and last but not least, I started losing weight and inches within the FIRST WEEK!!! I feel so good when people see me and say…”You look like you are losing weight!” It feels even better for me to tell them “Yes I am!!” Here I am, 1 and a half years later and I have lost over 80 pounds and more than 60 inches overall!!! I’m keeping it off, too!! WhooHoo!! You too, can experience the same results that I am, if not BETTER!!! We all have our reasons for being overweight but what reasons do we have for NOT losing it!!! It all started with a 7 day combo pack!!! If I can do it….SO CAN YOU!! Truvision WORKS!!


Sabra McCraw: My TruVision Weight Loss Journey started almost 2 years ago. When I first started taking the Weight Loss product with TruFix, I did not lose a single pound or see a noticeable difference for almost 4 months. At that point, the only reason I realized anything had changed was because my clothes literally started falling off! But nothing had changed on the scale!

I was concerned in the beginning that it wasn’t going to work. I had my doubts just like so many others. But what kept me going was knowing the formulator, Dave Brown. I knew what he’d done in the past with other formulations, and I knew what he was capable of. So I stuck it out and I trusted him. He told me it could take a year or two for me to level out my blood chemistry completely. It had taken years for my body to get in the unhealthy mess that I was in, and I knew I wasn’t getting any healthier! I knew I was only getting worse by doing nothing, so I made a commitment to stay the course. I’m sure glad I did!
Between the 4th and 12th month on the Combo, I lost between 15 and 17 pounds. I was so excited! I was feeling better than ever! Then, over the next few months, I started slowly gaining the weight back–ACCORDING TO THE SCALES. Again, I started wondering what was going on. My clothes weren’t getting any tighter, but my weight was going up! I was obsessing over what the scales said! I remembered a conversation I’d had with Dave I and stayed consistent. I was COMMITTED to taking the TruVision weight loss products for at least 2 YEARS! Looking at the scales today, I have gained back 13 – 14 pounds of what I had lost the first year, BUT GUESS WHAT? I’m still down 3 sizes, my clothes fit better than they ever have, and I am smaller than I have been in years! When I was gaining the weight back in actual pounds, I didn’t gain anything in size or inches! You’re probably wondering how is this possible, as was I. I started thinking back to what Dave, the formulator, told me when I first started. Our blood is responsible for fueling every ounce of our body, from our skin to our organs to our muscle. That’s when it dawned on me! I finally understood exactly what Dave had done with the TruVision products, and what he was trying to explain to me and everyone else all along. The problem isn’t the product. The problem is we give up before we get the benefit!

c11Danielle Turpin: I’ll never forget when I saw that before picture of me on the left… That’s when I had decided I was going to change and start my Journey of living a Healthier lifestyle! And since being on these Amazing Supplements I’m the Healthiest I’ve ever been from the inside out! They have helped me stop those bad cravings and in return I eat healthier! I’ve always tried to workout but TruV helps me do that to my full potential, and now I get the most out of my workouts! I will forever be grateful for TruV and my Blue and Green.. It was that Tool that I needed to help me live the Healthy lifestyle that I always wanted too!!

c4Kimmie Hunter: This first pic was probably at my heaviest and the second is down about 30 pounds! I have truvision to thank for 20 lbs and the past three months!! I still have a long way to go but I sure feel good!

c5Kenzie Mosley: Consistency really pays off.. We are not kidding when we tell you all to stay consistent and stick with it!

c14Jamie Harris: I tried to make the best comparison as possible…when I got married I weighed 170lbs, today I weigh 174lbs… You can see that I am A LOT smaller now than I was at 170lbs…. On my wedding day I was a little depressed because my dress was so tight and that it couldn’t properly snap it in the back… now it’s able to be snapped and I have a ton of room… remember inches over pounds.. thank you truvision!

c15My wife and me.

She says, “I’m excited to see my goals in weight loss being met. I’ve lost 51 pounds so far and over seven inches as well. Thanks to Tru! I’m also noticing a huge reduction in inflammation and pain with my fibromyalgia and RA, so I do not need to take any pain meds and haven’t since February.”

It takes time, patience, and consistency. I started a month before she did and she has lost more than me. I’m not complaining but it illustrates the point. Everyone is different. Some lose fast. Some lose slow. Our weight loss journey isn’t over. A year from now, we’ll be even further along.

You don’t need to listen to me but think about this: I will make no money if you buy and I will tell you anyway to do this! So ask yourself:

Where will you be in a year?

c16Wow….what a difference a year makes. Down 57 pounds and over 60 inches. The health benefits far out weight the weightloss. No more diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. I feel 20 years younger. My energy level is up, I’m no longer a couch potato. I’m living and enjoying life again.

c17Dylan is 9 and Brantley is 7. Both boys around the age of five were diagnosed with ADHD/ODD and recently they told me Brantley could possibly have a sensory processing disorder and mild form of aspbergurs (still waiting for an evaluation with the Marcus autism center) Both boys have been on Meds for their ADHD since they were five. As most parents i was anxious about medicating them but I felt if it would help them in school and daily life it would be worth it. Over the years Dylans psychiatrist has worked him up to four Meds a day and Brantley on two. I thought it was a lot but she was the doctor. The last couple years I was worried about Dylans weight and height. He very rarely ate. Brantley is 2 1/2 years younger and is taller than him and weighs 6 pounds more. In April 2016 we went for well check ups with the pediatrician. I expressed my concerns with both boys and asked if they could manage the Meds. This is when she referred us to the Marcus center Nfor Brantley and started running blood work and bone scans on Dylan. Dylan in a year went from 50th percentile with his height to 25th percentile and he wasn’t gaining much weight. All test came back normal so she said it was how much Meds he was on that he needed to come off them. Taking him off his Meds had not gone very well before so I was concerned. In May I came to find truvision through a friend. I started taking their supplements and LOVED them! Not only helped me lose weight and have energy to keep up with them but I felt so much better. The week of their appointment with the psychiatrist to consult about their Meds I had anxiety, concern and prayed so hard. After talking to God, that night I came across a couple testament stories of moms that had given the supplements to their kids and it help with their ADHD, and autism symptoms. I talked to them and I felt good and thought i should try this! The dr wasn’t happy about them coming off their Meds but said whatever and in a negative way said I’ll pray for you as in I was making the wrong decision but God was telling me otherwise in my heart. I said thank you and left. That day was their last dose and I started them on trufix the follow morning. I couldn’t have made a better decision for them!!! The tantrums have pretty much stopped with both boys, their moods seemed to have mellowed out (Dylan was always on a high and low and had a lot of anger), they are a lot more calm!!! They can sit down and watch tv now, they actually listen better not so much fighting, they were both on Meds to help them sleep and they don’t need it anymore! They are sleeping better and falling asleep with no problem. Dylan had night terrors nightly and those are gone! And praise Jesus Dylan is eating again!!!!!!! He is gaining weight and eating like a pig but that’s fine with me so I’m excited to see his growth!

Truvision is all natural and was approved for them by their pediatrician and psychiatrist. They both said it was safe for them to take! Truvision helps people not only lose weight but gain weight too. It helps the body get back to a healthy BMI and back to its normal function. Both boys also saw a GI dr recently for severe constipation and this has resolved that problem! They are kids, They are boys. They are still on the go, they have their issues with not wanting to do chores your typical kid behavior but in the bigger picture with their struggles they had, they have improved tremendously!!! I ask them daily how they feel and they say “great!” “I don’t want to take my old medicine I want to stay on the blue”

Writing this I’m moved to tears because I feel Truvision has honestly given me my boys back!! this is the answer I have prayed for to get them back in the right direction with their struggles, off their Meds and healthy! Look at those faces….Dylan smiles again and is happy! I wouldn’t trade those smiles for anything!!

c18Before pic was size 42″ waist 238+ lbs after pic was 159 lbs waist 31. Replaced all sugary drinks with water set a goal to run 5K in one year expect to achieve that goal with the help of TruVision!

c13July 16 and today… a few more days and this shirt will fit perfect. Our products are AMAZING!!!!

c10I am a Type 2 diabetic. I was very skeptical to try TV. However, after watching my sister lose two toes and part of her foot due to diabetes, l knew l needed to get my blood sugar under control.

Earlier this year, the Dr put me on insulin because even being on Metformin my blood sugars were running high along with my A1C. When I started the insulin, I slowly increased the daily units until I was taking up to 110 units daily and still wasn’t maintaining a balance. After l started TV, l slowly started decreasing my insulin till l am no longer taking it.

I am still on Metformin and maintaining good blood sugars. My A1C is 6.0, down 2.1 points from my previous lab draw. Triglycerides are down 94 points, good cholesterol up, bad cholesterol down 16 points. Along with all of that, l am down 25 lbs and many inches!!

c9I am 48 years old…I am a wife of almost 31 years….a mom to 2 grown children and a gramma to 5 of the most amazing Grands in the world from 4-14.

I wasn’t always heavy but when I had my children is when the weight came and then as the years went on the weight went up…I found out in my 30’s that I was diabetic and then a little later I found out I had HBP…I didn’t heed the warnings that were given and before I knew it I was taking 16 pills a day and couldn’t make it through the day without feeling miserable all the time…my biggest fear hit me when the thought of missing my grandchildren growing up scared me to death….I had to find something that would help me in all areas…weight loss diabetes and HBP….I lost some weight before Truvision and started getting things under control and then found Truvision…I love the energy I got and the appetite control as well….I lost 20 pounds in about 4 months and so many inches….I am not on any meds for diabetes and blood pressure and I feel awesome! I can see myself growing old and seeing my grands graduate, go to the prom and get married! I can out run my children in any amusement park (my love in life) and still be going when they are ready to be done….lol!

c12“Five months on TruVision and I’m down 40 lbs, Off of 7 meds for fibromyalgia and my Skin is so much healthier! My girls have their mommy back, I’m Living life again and couldn’t be more thankful! Oh, and this all happened just in time for my 40th birthday!!”

c81 year anniversary july 14th I’ve lost 150 pounds with truvision!

c7That was THEN and this is NOW!!!!! Boy 40 pounds sure boosts the self esteem, off to my daughters field trip to pick pumpkins with a huge smile of my face!!!! Truvision Rocks.

c6This is the outfit I wore to the night with the Stars in Slidell Louisiana. I had only wore it once before to a formal wedding in 2012. It was very tight and I felt uncomfortable all night. This time round it was altered by my sister so that it would fit.

And tens of thousands more!





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